Welcome to Chelley is Life!

I’m Rachelle but you can also call me Chelley.

I live in the Central Florida with my love, Travis, and our daughter, Alana (4). We were blessed with the greatest gift of all, our daughter Alana! Becoming a first time mommy changes everything. Alana has made me thrive to be the best person and the best mommy I can be. I am truly blessed to have her and have never been happier in my life!


 Some facts about me:

  • I was born with Sickle Cell Disease (you can learn more about Sickle Cell by clicking the link)
  • I am on the quest to find the most nutritional lifestyle that will help me treat my sickle cell disease and live the healthiest life possible for my family.
  • I studied Sociology in college, an interesting and fun major but not the most marketable.
  • I am a lover of baking, beaches, crafting, couponing, photography, turtles, and learning new things.
This blog will document our lives as a family and I hope you stick around for the journey.

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