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We Survived her first week of Kindergarten!!! 

Hi Lovelies!

Long time no blog post. I know, I know. I said I was going to be consistent with posting but we have entered into a new and exciting phase of our lives. My little lovely started Kindergarten last Monday! 

So needless to say I have been a tad busy preparing my daughter for her first experience in an elementary school. I have been back to school shopping for weeks and preparing for this moment. But no amount of retail therapy can prepare you for those emotions that you feel when seeing your little one off to there first day of school. 

She and I before her fist day of school. 

She was incredible! Not a single tear , fear, or worry. (Or should I say none that I could tell.) She was strong and ready and willing to learn in her new environment. I’m sure the fact that she has been in Pre-k all last year helped get her prepared for this new change. Regardless, I was so impressed by my darling. 

Of course, in the typical mom fashion, I was a frantic mess. Lol. I did hold it together until I got back into the car…but boy did the tears flow and the worries stir. Leaving her in a new school with teachers I not familiar with sure felt like a 5 ton boulder landed on my chest. 

Do I just prayed that God would guide her and keep her safe on this new and exciting day. And of course I had nothing to worry about, because she came home raving about how awesome her first day was. So that definitely eased my mind. 

First Day of Kindergarten!

So as I finish writing this post, we actually just completed her second week of school. And are diligently work on homework! Yikes! Homework already in the second week of kindergarten. We definitely never had that when I was a kid…well on to the learning adventure!!! 💜📖💜

Have your kids started school yet? How did you deal with the emotions of their first day? 


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