In the Wake of Terror, from the Prospective of an Orlando Resident #OrlandoStrong #OrlandoUnited

I don’t even know how to begin this post. I’m writing tonight with such a heavy heart. I was not even going to address this event on my blog because it hurts to witness my city of 10 years suffer such loss. But I have to write to get these emotions out and hopefully move forward. 

On Sunday, June 12th I woke up, after hitting snooze about three times, just like any other day. I prepared oatmeal, showered, and got dressed for work. After getting dressed I usually take a little extra time to watch a bit of the news to get prepared for what the weather will be like that day. But on this particular morning I didn’t even bother to turn on the tv since I was running a little late. 

So I ordered my Uber like I normally do and off to work I went. At this point I had no idea a mass shooting had occurred just 5 minutes away from my home a few hours before. Since I work in a call center, we are not permitted to have our phones on the live work floor. But while on my break around 10 am I texted my sister to see if she was working too. Maybe we could have a text-versation about how much it sucked that we have to work on Sunday’s. But I didn’t get a response so I just went back to work. 

So now it’s about lunch time around 1pm, and of course I going to get on my phone maybe check IG. Well I look down at my phone to find texts: Are you ok? Call us were freaking out? We are worried about you? I know this happen near your house, are you alright? 

All I could think is, what is going on?!? Even Facebook is asking if I’m ok! So I call my dad immediately and he drops the deadly news on me. Wow! Wow! Wow! Then tears filled my eyes and my heart grew so heavy!

My Home…My City…My Friends and Neighbors.  I personally know people who frequent this nightclub. So of course I check on them. And by the graces of God they are ok. 

Learning the news of a terror or hate crime is hard to witness when you see it happen around the world. But it’s devasting when it happens in your own backyard. All I can do in this wake of terror is pray. Pray to God to guide us as we are broken hearted. Pray to God to keep these lost Angels close by his side. And pray for the families that are now without their loved ones. 

This is the prayer I posted on Facebook the night of the attack. 


Today our hearts are just so heavy here in Orlando. As I lay in bed restless with the thoughts of this senseless act of hate that occurred here today, I am glad you are with us. You have shown us all how strong our city truly is. Hundreds of people lined up to donate blood, a beautiful vigil planned to remember those that have been lost, and the countless prayers for families that are now without their loved ones. It is so sad that hatred and terror like this still exists. But God I know you guide the broken hearted with your loving grace. Keep these 50 angles close by your side as you look down on us. They truly are in a much better place than this! Amen #OrlandoStrong #StillLoveMyCity

I know it seems silly and almost childish to say that I wish we can one day find peace, love, and harmony in this thing called life. But I truly do feel that way. Because life is too short to have so much hate for one another. We are all human and have been created in God’s divine light. 

I love and appreciate you if you made it to the end of this post… 😍


3 thoughts on “In the Wake of Terror, from the Prospective of an Orlando Resident #OrlandoStrong #OrlandoUnited

  1. I am in Clermont {so near Orlando} and what happened is so insane. I still can’t wrap my head around it. It also hits close to home since I used to attend clubs and such. Praying for everyone! I am going to address this on my blog as well… not totally sure how but you’re right… something needs to be said.

    1. Yes! Things need to change in this world to stop all the hatred. I’m not sure what but the more we speak out the more people will hear. Crazy thing is this occurred two blocks from my church. Just crazy!

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