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Proud Mama Moment…Pre-Kindergarten Graduation 

Hi Lovelies!

Have you ever had that moment when you are just so happy and proud that those feelings swell up inside if you and burst out in the form of tears? Well I did on Friday, June 3rd when my daughter graduated from pre-kindergarten. I honestly did not expect to react that way at all. Mainly because…well it’s just Pre-K and its not like she graduated from high school or college. 

But every moment and every grade she completes is a milestone. And I couldn’t be prouder of my little graduate! 

My precious little graduate 💜💜💜

I remember her first day of school like it were yesterday. She was so excited the night before that she barely slept (which also means keeping me up all night too!) but that hyper excitement all wore off while walking her towards her classroom. All of a sudden she became so shy and reserved…which is the total opposite of my little girl. I worried whether or not she was ready to be in this new environment. 

Will she adjust? Will she listen to her teachers?  Will she make friends? Is she ready to be away from Mommy all day? Am I ready to be away from her all day? 

Haha! All I can do is laugh at all those worries and fears because this year has been amazing! She has just grown, changed, and learned so much-it’s astonishing. 

One thing that has been made so clear to me in this past year of her being in school full time is that she and I can learn and grow through any circumstance. There have been so many ups and downs and turn around this year that we have been able to overcome them. 

I know there will be many more obstacles to come our way but we sure are an incredible team. I can’t wait to see her learn an grow in kindergarten. 

What are some of your proud and joyful moments? 


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