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How to Go Green and Reduce the Use of Your Car

Sometimes things happen in your life for a very distinct purpose. Even when those things feel very inconvenient to your life. It is best to learn to go with the flow and embrace what life brings. 

A few weeks ago our family car (we are a one car household by the way) was in an accident. And because we have always been on a tight budget, we haven’t had the extra funds to fix it. But I still need to get to work everyday and my daughter still needs to go to school. So we have had to think outside the box for transportation. 

So I have developed a simple morning and afternoon routine for our daily transportation. In the mornings I have found it very convenient to just take an Uber. Mornings at our house are somewhat rushed. Get up, get teeth brushed, faces washed, picking outfits, and preparing a quick breakfast all have to happen before 7:45am every weekday. So requesting an Uber is a quick way to get to where we need to go when things are already hectic. And what’s great id they usually arrive at your home within 10 mins of submitting your request. If you have never taken a Uber before, here is a promo code that will save you money. Use promo code: v5atdue and we will both get $15 off our next ride!

For our afternoon routine we use public transportation, walk, or carpool with a friend. We are lucky enough to have a bus route that passes right in front of our neighborhood.  And on some occasions we will just walk to our destination if it’s close enough. 

A few weeks ago when our car got damaged in the accident (it’s fixable…its just going to be a pricey repair) my first thought was, Great another obstacle!!! 

But this obstacle has turned out to be somewhat of a blessing. On our afternoon walk or bus ride I have so much more time to focus solely on my daughter. We talk about her day and get a little bit of exercise in as well. And sneaking in exercise is always a good thing. šŸ˜‰

Another bonus is that we are making less of an impact on the environment and embracing a greener life. I believe God brought this experience forth in my life for a purpose. To slow down and just enjoy some extra time with my loved ones and embrace the nature around me. However I do plan on getting our car fixed very soon. But this experience has lead me to the conclusion that we can still reduce the use of our car in order to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Here are 4 ideas of how to reduce the use of your car:

1. Walk to near by destinations

If the park, grocery store, or your gym is close enough to your home, then why not walk there. You can enjoy your surroundings and get your daily dose of sunshine and fresh air. And if you walk to your local grocery store and end up buying more than expected (I know that I’m not the only one that does that) than take an uber home if needed. 

Make sure to have a cute walking partner too. šŸ˜

2. Use public transportation 

Public transportation has always been an eco friendly and cost effective way of traveling. The only downside I can think of while utilizing public transportation is the wait time. But we have found creative ways of passing the time, like reading or crafting while we wait. 

Patiently “reading” while we wait for the bus. 

3. Carpooling with friends

Carpooling is again another eco friendly and cost effective way of traveling. Another plus of carpooling is being able to catch up and spend time with a friend. 

4. Take an Uber 

Uber is by far the best (non-social media) app ever created! It is basically an inexpensive taxi service right at your fingertips. Simply request and in 10 mins or less a car is there to pick up and take you wherever you need to go. And the best part is that I have a promo code that will give you $15 off your first ride. Use promo code: v5atdue and we both get $15 off our next ride. 

I hope these tips have been helpful. Do you go green by reducing the use of your car? What are some of your tips to living without a car? Enlighten me, since I’m thinking of getting rid of our car entirely. 


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