Easter Sunday 2016

Happy Easter! It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted and I have missed writing and missed you (who ever you may be reading this post)! March has been a crazy month for my family. Several ups and downs…unfortunately mostly downs. But that is something that can be discussed in a future post.

Today is the day that Christ was resurrected. Christ has defied all odds and opposition and rose from his grave on this day. That is truly amazing!!! I must say that Easter is my favorite holiday. No not Christmas, but Easter. Christmas is a celebration of Christ birth, but ever human on this earth was born  into this world by their mother. But how many humans do you know can say they rose from the dead…just one, and that is Jesus Christ!

Christ love and sacrifice for us on this day reminds me that through any tough time I can overcome opposition too. We are strong when we walk with the Lord. Anyway, I could go off on the Lord’s amazing grace all day but I also want to share what we did on Easter.

We kept it simple, no Easter egg hunt, (because that’s not what this day should be all about anyway) we just went to church and had a lovely time having dinner with family.

My beauty ready for Easter Sunday service. 😍

Like I’ve said before we have fun doing the simple things and spending time together.

What did you do on Easter Sunday?


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