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How to Save Money on Natural Hair Products 

“I could never go natural, the products are too expensive!!! But you look so pretty with natural hair. Get it girl!” 

Those are the exact words a coworker said to me the other day. But I have to disagree with her. Natural hair products can be very inexpensive if you shop smart. 

Back in December I decided to get a newspaper subscription with the intent of using that subscription to save our family money by couponing. I am so glad that I made that choice. And the only reason I bring this up is because you can find a coupon for anything! Even natural hair products. 

The goal of couponing is to pair your coupon with an already existing sale. This will maximize your savings and give you the best bang for your buck. However, this does take some patience because it is best to wait until your favorite product goes on sale. 

For example, I went to Walgreen’s a few weeks back and purchased 6 Shea Moisture hair products. At the time Walgreen’s had a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale which I also coupled that sale with 6 manufacturers coupons for $2.00 off any one product. 

I got all of these pictured above for $47 and I saved $31. So that comes out to be a little over $7 each! And those are full sized products. I think that is great. 

If you are into couponing then I suggest to also join a Facebook couponing group in your area. In those groups you can make connections with other coupon enthusiasts who are willing to trade coupons. By doing that you can gain a higher quantity of the coupons you want so you can build a stick pile of your favorite product. That’s what I did!  

 I originally only had 4 Shea Moisture coupons but when I traded with another couponer, I was able to buy and save more. 
If you are not into couponing or don’t want to go through the”hassle” of trading coupons for coupons then I suggest doing a simple google search. I’m sure if you search for your favorite natural hair product plus the world coupon afterward (ex: Shea Moisture coupon) you will find an awesome deal. 

Anyway, I hope those tips helped. And remember to shop smart. 

What are some of your favorite natural hair products? How do you save money in your favorite things? 


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