What We Did This Weekend: Charter School Lottery

This weekend was amazing in so many little ways. And for me, it’s all in the little details of life that make it so great! 

Friday night was our usual natural hair routine. Which involves deep conditioning and staying up late to watch a movie. My daughter is currently obsessed with the little mermaid so we watched that till about 10 pm. 

Saturday morning kick starts with our favorite pancakes and scrambled eggs breakfast. Yum! Then, because we wanted to get out of the house, we went to the local dollar movie theater. And since it is a “frugal” theater the movies are not the most current new releases. But they did have the Alvin and the Chimpmunks movie, which was a major hit with my 4 year old Alana. 

*sorry for the dark picture, but I just thought this was the sweetest little moment. Her anticipation was just priceless*

I absolutely love taking her to the movies. She always has a blast! She danced and sang along with all of the music in the movie. Watching your child fully enjoy themself is such a wonderful feeling as a parent. 

Sunday afternoon was the icing on top of this cake-y goodness that was this weekend. We first started off by washing the car. Just a little something to keep us busy since I had plans for us later. 

* My very helpful car washing buddy who is also practicing those driving skills *

I had already planned to attend a lottery announcement meeting at a charter school that I have had my eyes on for a long time. This particular school is focused on the STEM curriculum which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathamatics. So I have been praying that my daughters name gets chosen to attend this school for kindergarten. 

So we sat and waited as they picked tickets which were assigned to the prospective student. I even said a silent prayer, “Lord, if Alana is meant to be here at this school I know you can make it happen. I have done my part and I know you can place your hand in my life and provide for us.”

And he did provide for us. As he always has and always will. Out of hundreds of applications for the 45  kindergarten spots, my daughters name was selected! I am so thankful, so blessed, and so happy!!! My  prayers were answered! It is in the seemingly small things that I see the Lord making big changes in my life. 

What did you do this weekend? Can you see where the Lord is making changes in your life?


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