First Couponing Haul of 2016!

I love to save money! And I don’t know anyone who would oppose that previous statement. One way that I have been saving our family of 3 a few bucks here and there is through couponing. It is my new found love! Sorry Travi *wink*

So this is what I picked up on my couponing trip. This is actually my first ever couponing haul. And I think I did well. I spent $33 but I saved over $54!!! I also picked up eggs, cheese, and butter that are not pictured below.


I know what you are thinking and yes that is enough mustard to last my family probably two years. But I’m more than likely going to give some of that away. To anyone who asks or just loves mustard. So if you are a major mustard fan, comment below!

My goal with couponing is to always save more than I spend. Stocking up on household items is also a main focus for me. Especially on items like lotion that we use every single day. One of my 2016 resolutions was to save my family as much money as possible and this has been a great start.

What are some ways you save money? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!


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