Hello World!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Chelleyislife! My name is Rachelle (aka Chelley) and I am so glad that you have stopped by. I live in Central Florida with my love Travis and our daughter Alana (4).



I work fulltime outside of my home in the customer service/ healthcare industry. I am the type who enjoys having a career but dreams of one day being a SAHM/WAHM so I can do it all- like have an organized house, cook fantastic dinners every night, and have endless family time, while still being able to contribute to my family financially. I do my best though with the time that I do have. The only thing that I would love to do is focus on making a little extra time for my passions.

I am passionate about photography, crafting, cooking, couponing, healthful living, and learning new things. This blog will be a place where I can share those passions with all of you. So feel free to connect with me on my social media or email me directly at

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Thank you for visiting!


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